Composition | Sound art | Field recording


Useful Constraints

Matilde Meireles

Physical Release

Released by Tone Burst

December 2020

Limited edition of cassette and silk-print (sold out) + digital release

A very familiar journey. Two locations, Lisbon and Seixal. A river in between. A ferry crossing. A journey between north and south of the greater city of Lisbon in Portugal. These are the premises that envelope the project.

The project results from a detailed exploration of timbres and rhythms using various field recording techniques and microphones. The result takes the listener on a journey between metal, water, and time.

This edition also includes two collaborations between myself and Tone Burst. A silk print printed by Galdéria in Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), and a short audio/visual element—Follow the water. The silk print is a graphic exploration of the project’s useful constraints, while the audio/visual element is a conversation between Phil, Barry and me using recordings of water from the various locations where each of us was based: Munich, Belfast and Lisbon.

Bandcamp (digital release)