Composition | Sound art | Field recording


Café Royal Books: Repro Show

Matilde Meireles

Group exhibition curated by Café Royal Books

Work included: X Marks the Spot

Nov - Dec 2016

X Marks the Spot is a durational and site-specific project that was manifested through three different modalities: an online web-archive (modality 1); ); graphic design interventions in public space (modality 2); and Off-Site, a series of collaborative reinterpretations of the project (modality 3). Each mode provides not only a different experience of the work, but also a different type of access to the project and a different form of listening. Since it is unlikely that most people will experience all three modalities, each one was designed to stand on its own.

X Marks The Spot was represented in Café Royal Books: Repro Show with an A3 black & white poster of the Millfield telecommunication box. The poster provided a different type of access to the project, and suggested a different form of listening. The audience had access to further information about the project and to the online archive by scanning the QR Code.

Café Royal: Repro show included many forms of artwork. Text based, appropriated, drawing, notes, sculpture, documentation, print, publications, multiples, audio, public art. The context in this case is the autonomous image, and the collective processes of the project being developed, displayed, recorded and published. Any previous context, meaning or reason for the works included is irrelevant to this project.

All works were standardised by printing black on ISO sized paper using a photocopier and being taped to the wall.