Composition | Sound art | Field recording


001 Maputo, The Rhythm Of A Stride

Sam Andreae, Matilde Meireles

With Corey Mwamba and Claudia Molitor

Live performance

Socio Sonic Symposium, City University, London

September 2018

The Rhythm of a Stride: sonic essays (RoaS) is a project that binds together field recordings and reflective writing through the use of design, web and immersive audio technologies. The project attempts to use technology critically and propose a storytelling format adapted for the digital age.

The project also explores how the contents produced for the digital platform can be transformed through collaborative processes. For each iteration, guests appropriate and transform the captured materials collaboratively with myself, either through sampling, sound manipulation, or re-composing.

For 001 Maputo, The Rhythm Of A Stride at Sonic Sonic, Sam Andreae and I reinterpreted RoaS’ essay 001 through a live foley performance. A score was developed by Sam, based on the original sound composition, and was interpreted by Sam, myself, and guest musicians Claudia Molitor and Corey Mwamba as a live performance. The performance also included projected images of the recorded locations and excerpts of the text randomly chosen and read by each of the performers.