Composition | Sound art | Field recording


Slieve Gullion

bunú (Aidan Deery, Matilde Meireles)

Digital release / Live performance

Released on Bandcamp

60 mins. composition using field recordings


Project funded by the Arts Council Northern Ireland

Slieve Gullion is renowned as an area of natural beauty, but what does it sound like? Over a six-month period, we recorded the sounds around the mountain: from foot to summit. Using surround recording techniques and a variety of microphones, we captured the dawn chorus, forest winds, farm animals, streams, and sounds from within the mountain-top cairn and lake. In this way, we could explore unique sounds and spaces that make up the area. We also recorded sounds inaudible to the human ear, such as atmospheric activity using a VLF antenna and underwater sounds with a hydrophone. The combined recordings resulted in a 60-minute surround-sound audio experience that takes the listener on a journey around Slieve Gullion and draws from the rich tapestry of its sonic environment.

bunú is a field recording duo. They use field recording to explore particular places through extended listening.