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Expansive Territories

Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles

Independent artistic research programme

OSSO Cultural Association

Funded by Direção Geral da Artes (DGArtes)


Expansive Territories was the theme unerlying a program of artistic research activities developed by OSSO – Associação Cultural, and coordinated by Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles since January 2020.

The programme included a series of activities including an Open Call for artist residencies appraised by Raquel Castro (Lisboa Soa, CICANT / Universidade Lusófona) and Pedro Rebelo (Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast) with Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles (while members of OSSO). The residency programme hosted six national and international researchers and their outputs were presented in EIRA radio programme.

Expansive Territories programme also included various concerts and exhibitions, amongst which, a partnership with the research project Sounds of Tourism (NOVA FCSH – INET-md); a concert at Lisboa Soa Festival, paper presentations at NCMM Contemporary Music Conference 2021 by Diogo Alvim with Matilde Meireles, and by Nuno Torres; as well as think tanks and an artistic research workshop mediated by Diogo and Matilde, led by Michael Schwab and including the participation of members of OSSO, researchers from the Research Lab in Design and Arts from ESAD (LIDA) and the Fine Arts master students (ESAD). Lastly, the programme hosted a final residency with researcher and architect Joana Braga whose output, E(n)xertos, features in the publication Expansive Territories, the small bilingual editorial project that culminates the programme.


→ Expansive Territories publication

Expansive Territories publication seeks to establish relationships between different perspectives and modes of operation in artistic research, as well as between different institutions. It counts with the contribution of four artists who were invited to develop essays around this theme: Michael Schwab, Joana Braga, Teresa Luzio and Sara Morais.

The project was developed further through the partnership with António Gomes and the Masters students in Graphic Design from ESAD.CR, with the final implementation by Rita Oliveira.

The publication was hosted in an editorial partnership by the UNESCO Chair in Management of Arts and Culture, Cities and Creativity of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, coordinated by Lígia Afonso.


→ Residency Programme

2021 - Joana Braga

The 2021 residency program focused on preparing the publication for which we invited researcher Joana Braga. Joana Braga worked on the theme proposed for the biennium, Expansive Territories, making an in-depth reflection on the local territory, its rural and urban configurations, communities and socio-spatial dynamics. This reflection took the final form of an essay entitled Grafts/ Excerpts (E(n)xertos), a contribution to a deeper framing of OSSO’s transdisciplinary project in the territorial context. Outputs included:

- Three residencies at OSSO accompanied by Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles and Sara Morais;

- Radio conversation on Eira#6 with Diogo Alvim and Sara Morais in the context of the residency;

- E(n)xertos, an essay included in the Expansive Territories publication.

2020 - Open Call

The outputs of the residences were presented in the form of an interview/ conversation and audio essays at Eira#3 with the selected artists and researchers: Beatriz Cantinho and Túlio Rosa, Claudio de Pina, Teresa Luzio, Victoria Lucas and Viviana González Mendez.

→ Paper Presentations

Campo Próximo (Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim), NCMM Contemporary Music Conference, CESEM – Research Centre for the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music, FCSH-NOVA, Lisbon Portugal, July 2021

Spectrum: Autonomous Robotic Gesture and Processes of Deconstruction of a Human-Centred Performance Practice (Nuno Torres), NCMM Contemporary Music Conference, CESEM – Research Centre for the Sociology and Aesthetics of Music, FCSH-NOVA, Lisbon Portugal, July 2021

→ Exhibitions and performances

Spectrum (Nuno Torres), in Lambda: Sound and Visual Waves Showcase, Céu de Vidro, Parque D. Carlos I, Caldas da Rainha (Portugal), December 2020

Spectrum (Nuno Torres), Invasor Abstracto #2, a group exhibition by OSSO, Municipal gallery of Montemor-o-Novo, (Portugal), October - November 2020

Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional (Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim), Concert at Lisboa Soa Festival 2020, Lisbon (Portugal), September 2020. The project resulted from a collaboration with the research project Sounds Of Tourism, FCSH-NOVA – INET-md.

Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional (Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim), Concert at OSSO Open Day #3, OSSO Studios, São Gregório (Portugal), January 2020

Campo Próximo (Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim), installation and concert versions, in Invasor Abstracto #1, a group exhibition by OSSO, São Francisco Convent, Coimbra (Portugal), November 2019 - January 2020

→ Artistic Research Workshop

With this online workshop (November 2020), OSSO’s artistic research program intended to question and deepen artistic research methodologies, as well as frame creative processes as research processes. The workshop was guided by the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal for Artistic Research, Michael Schwab, and had the participation of members of the OSSO collective, members of the Laboratory for Research in Design and Arts at ESAD (LIDA), and students of the Master in Fine Arts also from ESAD. Participants were invited to present a project, and the mechanisms inherent to its creation process. Based on the guest artist/researcher’s comments, a conversation took place between the various participants, stimulating artistic research processes. The event was also attended by other students from the Master, as well as other guests from the LIDA/ ESAD/ OSSO community.

→ Education

The design of the Expansive Territories publication was included in the curriculum of the Graphic Design Studio I, 1st year of the Master in Graphic Design program at the School of Arts and Design (ESAD.CR), Caldas da Rainha (Portugal). The project was mentored by module convener, Dr António Gomes, with Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles.