Composition | Sound art | Field recording



OGU Architects

+ MMAS Architects

With Matilde Meireles

Temporary floating architecture

Belfast 2024

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Aiming to refocus attention on Belfast's relationship with the river Lagan, DRIFT will investigate the city's disconnected and utilitarian approach to its waterfront, drawing out the complexity of exchanges between people and the waterway. At the heart of the project is a floating "instrument” that helps draw attention to the river in new ways by enhancing the multisensory experience of being on the water. Highlighting existing dependencies between the river ecosystem and urban life (recognised points of human interference), it is hoped that by sparking people’s curiosity and interest in the Lagan, the project can start a transformative public conversation about the potential of a more accessible river that embraces a series of valuable public spaces.

DRIFT envisions a citywide discussion about the potential for more wildlife-friendly urban spaces to be made available to the city along the Lagan’s edge. The "instrument" is designed to examine existing and possible relationships between people and water, catalysing public discourse by revealing and mapping places with the potential to form more significant physical connections to the river. The project will provide a lasting legacy for policymakers by locating parts of the waterfront that might be redefined as civic spaces, and aims to have already drawn attention to the significance of such places to nearby residents and visitors.

The result will be a floating, adaptable architecture with space to hold conversations. The architecture will seek to focus on the sensory - and particularly the sonic - experience of being on the river at points where it intersects with human-made processes, engaging with the river’s historical significance and cultural identity. Working with people and communities along the river, DRIFT will respond to sites where a new relationship between urban life and waterway can be initiated. As we begin this journey of discovery to map and reveal the significance of the Lagan, we will have an open call for people to tell us why the Lagan is important to them. We will build on this with sound-based workshops and floating conversations. DRIFT will leave a legacy for the city and its river far beyond 2024.