Composition | Sound art | Field recording


Constructing a Soundscape

Matilde Meireles

Series of photographic prints / Research

(3 x) Ink-Jet Print 100 x 70 cm


Constructing a Soundscape results from an iterative reflection of two particular sites. The presence of sound in a given context is presented through the use of photography and text. Sound events heard at three distinct moments of the same day, are described via text which is then layered on each corresponding photograph. Photography and text (sound) share and negotiate the visual space of the photographic frame.

Constructing a Soundscape #1

Beginning of the Lagan Meadows towpath, Belfast, Northern Ireland


06:15am, 12:21pm, 11:00pm

Constructing a Soundscape #2

City centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland


06:15am, 12:21pm, 11:00pm


Constructing a Soundscape was included in the conference paper Extended Phonography: The Intertwining of Soundscape and Landscape. presented at the 2014 Invisible Places / Sounding Cities. Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place conference, Viseu, Portugal.

Abstract: In this paper I propose the use of extended phonography as a methodology that introduces new forms of representation regarding the experience of place and its relationship to sound. The paper goes on to outline the conceptual framework of the site-specific project Constructing a Soundscape, discussing the work as a direct outcome of this methodology. This work, both artistic and discursive, attempts to address the need for a vocabulary that mirrors new aesthetics arising in sound art.