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X Marks the Spot
Augmented durational soundmap

X Marks the Spot is a durational and site-specific sound map that initiates different types of connections and collaborations. As a platform, it seeks to explore the different enriching aspects that each of these levels of interactions and collaborations can bring to the project. It attempts to transform sound mapping into a shared experience of the city by exploring the relation between sound and everyday life, while enhancing the potential of field recording as a tool to investigate urban transformations.

The project is manifested through three different modalities: an online web-archive (modality 1); a graphic design interventions in public space (modality 2); and Off-Site, a series of collaborative reinterpretations of the project (modality 3). Each mode provides not only a different experience of the work, but also a different type of access to the project and a different form of listening. Since it is unlikely that most people will experience all three modalities, each one was designed to stand on its own.

The Web-archive was constructed using a fully responsive layout allowing it to work cross-browser and both Android and iOS, thus enabling users to augment their experience of each tagged location.

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