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The Rhythm of a Stride with Sam Andreae and the participation of Corey Mwamba and Claudia Molitor
Live performance at SPARC Socio Sonic Symposium, City University, London

The Rhythm of a Stride (Roas) is a continuously evolving project that follows a personal interest of mine to physically explore and sense urban spaces: to walk, listen, observe, and record as ways to understand places, and their potential transformation.

The project exists in three distinct modes:

  1. A personal and physical exploration of places through their multimodal documentation;
  2. The translation of these materials into a digital web-based experience developed as website adaptable to the different digital surfaces—desktop, tablets, smartphone;
  3. The transformation of the digital platform into a collaborative live concert scenario. In the latter, each guest musician will appropriate and transform the captured materials live and collaboratively with myself, either through sampling, sound manipulation, re-composing, etc.

For the concert at SPARC Sonic Sonic, Sam Andreae and I re-interpreted RoaS’s essay 001 through a live foley performance, including projected images of the recorded locations and excerpts of the text.

// Performance documentation photos by Tullis Rennie and Louis Lygo