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Constructing a Soundscape – Site #2 
Ink-Jet Print
(3 x) 100 x 70 cm

Location – City Centre, Belfast,
Northern Ireland
Day – 28/08/12
Times of Day – 06:15am, 12:21pm, 11:00pm and detail (11:00pm)
Media – Extended phonography

Constructing a Soundscape results from an iterative reflection of two particular sites. The project allowed me to articulate sound and its presence in a given context through the use of other recording techniques, namely photography and text. In the final outcome, sound events are heard at three distinct moments of the same day, described via text and layered on each photograph. Photography and text (sound) share and negotiate the visual space of the photographic frame. Together, they allow the viewer to construct their personal version of these three situations born from the moment the camera shutter clicks.

This methodology was applied to two locations in Belfast chosen based on familiarity. Site #1, the Lagan Meadows Reserve, is one of my favourite locations in Belfast. Site #2, Belfast city centre, is a place I visit recurrently.