Photo © Chrysoula Drakaki

Matilde Meireles is a recordist, sound artist, and researcher who makes use of field recordings to compose site-oriented projects. Her projects often have a multi-sensorial approach to ‘site’ which draws from her studies and experience in areas such as field-recording, site-specific visual arts and design. She has presented works in the form of concerts, installations, and large-scale community projects throughout Europe, South America and Africa.

Her work often highlights collaboration and participation as catalysts for a shared understanding of place, developing project-based or long-term collaborations. For instance, she collaborates with Conor McCafferty – together they use field recordings as a tool to explore and articulate urban transformation; with Chrysoula Drakaki – under the moniker Alongside, they use photography and field recordings to explore and document durational experiences of places; and with Diogo Alvim to develop projects that play with the perception and construction of places. Matilde is also part of OSSO Colectivo, an interdisciplinary collective based in Portugal.

She holds a PhD in Sonic Arts from the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University Belfast, where she has also has been appointed as a Research Fellow in the following projects: Understanding the role of sound and music in conflict transformation: the Mozambique Case StudyImmersion and Inclusive Music Technologies, and Immersive Technologies and Digital Mental Health (Sonic Arts Research Centre/School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work, Queen’s University Belfast). 

Matilde is part of the research groups Recomposing the City (Queen’s University Belfast, University of Oxford), Translating Improvisation (Queen’s University Belfast), Street Space (Queen’s University Belfast); Sounds of Tourism (Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas – FCSH/NOVA).

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Sonic Arts Research Centre
School of Arts, English and Languages
Queen’s University Belfast
BT7 1NN, Belfast, Northern Ireland