Forthcoming 2018
“Extended phonography: experiencing place through sound, a multi-sensorial approach” to be published in Organised Sound 23/1 (4/2018) Cambridge University Press


“Trigger Place — A Game of Sound and Architecture: a research reflection on PLAY, a site-specific project” (with Diogo Alvim), Journal of Artistic Research, JAR 14, 2017 (best experienced using Chrome)

“Trigger place, a game of sound and architecture”, paper presentation (with Diogo Alvim), in BEAST FEaST 2015 Music – Space – Architecture – Place, Birmingham, UK

Meireles, M. (2014). “Extended Phonography: the Intertwining of Soundscape and Landscape”. In M. Castro, Raquel and Carvalhais (Ed.), Invisible Places / Sounding Cities. Sound Urbanism and Sense of Place (p. 824). Viseu.