Matilde Meireles

Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional

Diogo Alvim, Matilde Meireles

Site-reactive project

Live performance at Lisboa Soa festival

26 September 2020

40 mins., 4-channels audio, projected video

Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional was a co-production between OSSO and Sounds of Tourism research project (INET – FCSH Nova PTDC/ART-PER/21417/2017).

Campo Próximo (2015-ongoing), which we loosely translated to Near Field/ Next Field, is a situated sound work that plays with the perception and construction of places. For each iteration of the project, field recordings (image and audio) are captured in a way that relates the territory with the architecture of the venue, creating a dialogue between place and space. The performance takes the audience on a journey along each recorded location through different multi-sensorial approaches.

For Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional, different sonic environments are played back inside the National Pantheon merging with its acoustic properties, thus generating new sonorities that form the basis of the musical construction. The concert took place on the outdoor terrace highlighting the acoustic contrast between its reverberant interior and the local sonic environment, where the audience could also glimpse the recorded locations.