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Matilde Meireles
Sound installation: A4 paper laser printed in black & white, wireless headphones playing a 2’15’’ sound file (loop).

The work is simultaneously the product of a process, the documentation of that process, and a set of instructions for the replication of the same process.

“Three Adobe Illustrator files were printed on the same sheet of 80gr white A4 paper. One file contained the letter A, other the letter B and the last one the letter C. Each file was typed using three variants of Helvetica Neue family typeface: Bold, Regular and Ultralight. The sound of each printing process was recorded with two contact microphones placed in two different parts of the laser printer. The sound recording of each print, A, B, and C, was then shifted to the pitch A, B, and C, Accordingly. The resulting sound was assembled according to the printing process which overlays, A, the A and B, and Finally A, B and C.”

Project presented in the collective show “Androméstico” curated by Guillermo Espinosa, La Fresh Gallery, Madrid