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Phragmites australis / Paragon Studios Project Space (PS2)
10″ sound on loop (headphones), text / accelerometer, 4 speakers

Residency at Paragon Project Studio Project (Ps2), Belfast, June 2016

Phragmites australis resulted from a durational exploration of a part of the river towpath in the Lagan Meadows Reserve, Belfast. It is not far from my house. I have consistently recorded this location over the course of six months, from November 2011 to May 2012, with three main intentions: firstly, to articulate the experience of place through sound; secondly, to understand if I could reveal the landscape changing over time through sound, by exploring the materiality of a small element in the landscape; and lastly,how to negotiate the project’ materials in their final presentation, making the site of recording and the site of presentation inextricably linked.

More information soon