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Listening to life in (and around) Laurencetown soundmap
Soundmap of Laurencetown, Northern Ireland

Conor McCafferty and Matilde Meireles with the Keep ‘Er Lit Autistic Spectrum Disorder Group. Project website and final map is by Tracy Dempsey

Listening to life in (and around) Laurencetown soundmap emerged from the desire of the Keep ‘Er Lit Autistic Spectrum Disorder group to use sound as alternative way of processing sensory information, and map familiar places. They chose nine locations based on sonic interest or familiarity: O’Hagan’s Tyre Garage, Eamon Mccartan’s Farm, Scarva Fair, River Bann, Banbridge Recycling Centre, Tullylish GAC pitch, Ss. Patrick & Colman Church, Banbridge ABC box fit class, Blend & Batch coffee shop.

The project spanned between May and June 2018 and was divided in six stages:

1 – First, we introduced the group to our research on sound and how we use field recording to generate creative ways of understanding sound in everyday life.

2 – We then recorded at each of the chosen locations with the young people, who were divided into smaller groups.

3 – We encouraged the young people to reflect on the experience of listening and recording, and recorded these interviews.

4 – Based on the young people’s reflections, we did extra recordings on each location using video and sound.

5 – We edited the final results for each location combining the various sound recordings, the video and the corresponding interview.

6 – We all assessed the results at the Sonic Arts Research Centre (Queen’s University Belfast), and collectively decided if they were ready to be shared on the project website. The videos show the empty locations, which are then brought to life by the young people’s experience and the sound recordings.

Note: The Keep ‘Er Lit group meet regularly in LLTCA’s community centre, led by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers. The project was funded by the Big Lottery’s Empowering Young People fund.

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