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Site-specific installation proposal

by Samuel Alcobia (landscape architect, artist) and Matilde Meireles

A proposal for Performance Architecture, an international competition curated by Pedro Gadanho for the construction of up to five temporary urban interventions in the scope of Guimarães 2012 European Capital of Culture, Portugal.

Junta-Juntas was awarded an honourable mention.

Junta-Juntas project proposed an utopian administrative reform on Guimarães territory in Portugal, where the existing 69 Juntas de Freguesia (civil parishes) would be reduced to half by pairing the neighbouring ‘Juntas’ (together).

The Junta-Juntas building is to be located in Largo José Maria Gomes, opposite to the City Hall, the former Santa Clara’s Convent, thus associating public space and political space.

The building’s prefabricated and simple construction, reinforces the relation with the 1976 election icon, and contrasts with the Baroque facade of the former Santa Clara’s Convent which dominates the square. The inner space is designed to resemble a polling station including voting booths and a table with a ballot box.

Each of the presidents from the 69 parishes will be interviewed and have their portrait taken. Both will be displayed in the Junta-Juntas building. The sound, played back through headphones, works as a narrative element that, through ‘personal perspectives’, will contextualise the socio-political context where Guimarães is embedded.

The new geographical configuration proposal will also be presented graphically together with statistics and geographical information.

A web-archive will document both the process and the opinions of the visitors.