Between Here And There
Part of the Belfast Soundwalks App
developed by the Sonic Arts Research Centre, Queen’s University, Belfast

Walk through the city and immerse yourself in the sounds of Belfast…

Between Here and There
A soundwalk by Matilde Meireles
Location: Connswater path leading to Victoria Park (video preview)

This short path is located in East Belfast leading to Victoria Park. The nearby roads, train lines and airport make for a noisy background, but on this path you still feel a sense of nature.

Connswater stream flows alongside the path. It starts in Greenville Park, engulfs Victoria Park and ends in Belfast Lough. It is a dead stream, but its eerie side only shows at low tide when it reveals the leftover trash buried at the bottom.

This soundwalk takes you on a journey between reality and fiction. Sounds change from perceptible field-recordings to amplified noises, previously inaudible or on the verge of perception. These natural sounds harmonise with the sounds of guitar strings placed on the fence – sonifying the wind.

Your movement along the path will trigger sounds in different places, so the sounds you hear on your walk will be slightly different each time you make the journey.

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