• Foirmfada2

20 minute live instrumental improvisation with pre-recorded soundscape

by FoirmFada

Matilde introduced us to a recording she made in Mirepoix, Ariège, France in September 2012:

Great setting. A perfect day, great temperature, sky turning red and the amazingly loud sound of the birds going wild coming from nowhere to be seen. It was a very spontaneous recording.

The quartet make the soundscape their habitat before beginning to explore long form improvisation and interaction – both with each other and their adopted sonic environment – particularly experimenting with delicate, detailed micro-sound.

Dave Stockard – percussion
Kevin McCullagh – violin
Matilde Meireles – field recording
Michael Speers – percussion
Tullis Rennie – trombone

Note The sound was recorded with binaural microphones. To listen back, please use headphones.