/ Campo Próximo
Paper presentation with Diogo Alvim at
NCMM Contemporary Music
Centro de Estudos de Sociologia e Estética Musical

/ Sunnyside
Live performance at Crafting a sonic urbanism: listening to non-human life colloquium
Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France
18 March 2020

/ Sonorous Cities: Towards a Sonic Urbanism
Research project at University of Oxford
2021-2024 Research Fellow

/ Osso Research @ EIRA#3
Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim in conversation with Osso Research residents
17-18, 8 to 11pm

/ ‘Useful Constraints’
Cassete tape release with Tone Burst

/ ‘Campo Próximo, Panteão Nacional’ with Diogo Alvim
Lisboa Soa Festival
Panteão Nacional, Lisbon
26 September

/ ‘Absurdity’
Concept by Franziska Schroeder and Matilde Meireles. Distributed performance using LiveSHOUT app with members from the Female Laptop Orchestra (FLO) at ‘Physically distant #2: online talks on telematic performance’, GEMM))) the Gesture Embodiment and Machines in Music research cluster at the School of Music in Piteå, Luleå University of Technology

/ ‘Sunnyside’
Released by Crónica Electrónica, Portugal

/ Prize Jury Chair, Society for Artistic Research, Research Catalogue Prize 2019

/ Artistic residency at OSSO
/ ‘Intermitente’, a collaborative radio work with Nuno Torres

/ ‘Campo Próximo, São Gregório’, concert with Diogo Alvim, OSSO Estúdios, Open Day #3, São Gregório, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
25 Jan

/ ‘Campo Próximo, Convento de São Francisco’, concert with Diogo Alvim for ‘Invasor Abstrato’ a project by OSSO Colectivo
Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal
24 Jan

/ ‘Invasor Abstracto’
a project by OSSO Colectivo including ‘Campo Próximo, Convento de São Francisco’, a collaborative installation and concert by Matilde Meireles and Diogo Alvim
Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra, Portugal
(30 Nov 2019 – 22 Mar 2020)

/ ‘Peripatetic sonic practice: sound art in urban space’
paper presentation by Sarah Lappin, Conor McCafferty, Matilde Meireles
AHRA 2019 “Architecture and Collective Life”, University of Dundee
Friday 22 November

/ ‘The Green Drones’ solo live concert
Open Day #1 – OSSO Colectivo
São Gregório, Portugal

‘Cities’multi.modal #3
Album launch concert with Aaron Einbond
SPARC Symposium 2019: Land Music
City, University London
13th September at 7pm

The Guardian’s article by music journalism Sam Davies features Performance Without Barriers Project

Familiar Territories: The Green Drones
PLACE Built Environment Centre, Belfast
(exhibition partially supported by the Arts Council NI)

25th November, Rainy Days Festival, Luxembourg Philharmonie

/ ‘Constructing a River’ (with Chrysoula Drakaki)
Edition launch concert with Paul Stapleton
An Optophono event
29th September, Lagan Weir building, Belfast

/ ‘The Rhythm of a Stride and other stories: finding place through sound’ paper presentation
/ Concert with Sam Andreae ‘The Rhythm of a Stride’
14th September at Socio-Sonic 2018, City University, London

/ Behind a Performance: O TUFO DA MAFALALA
6-10th July, Jardins Efémeros Festival, Viseu, Portugal

/ Trigger Place — A Game of Sound and Architecture
(journal article published on the Journal of Artistic Research, with Diogo Alvim)
Presentation at the 9th SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, Plymouth, UK

Almost Sound Diaries in Territoires Familier?
Curated by Huayra LLanque
10-27 April 2018, Espace Niemeyer, Paris

February – March
/ Por tras de uma performance: Tufo da Mafalala
Cultural Centre – Camões Maputo, Mozambique

/ Umbrella in the Stairwell
A concert organised by the sound arts collective Umbrella
HIVE interpret X Marks The Spot
Tuesday 12th, Stairwell in Sonic Arts Research Centre, 7.30pm

/ Por trás duma performance: O Tufo da Mafalala
12th November 7pm
Mafalala Festival 2017
Maputo, Mozambique

/ Street Space Symposia and Exhibition
12th-22nd May
PLACE NI, Belfast
Performance with Conor McCafferty

/ ‘Belfast Lough’by bunú
4th May, 7.30pm
Sonic Lab
The Sonic Arts Research Centre
Queen’s University Belfast

/ ‘Soundscapes Landscapes, City Above Life Below’
Artist residency with Conor McCafferty
Athens, Greece

/ ‘Phragmites australis’
Artist residency and sound installation
13th-25th June, PS2-Paragon Studios Project Space, Belfast

/ ‘The Present Instant’
An exhibition with works by Matilde Meireles and Richard O’Sullivan
5th-25th Nov, Platform Arts, Belfast

/ ‘Trigger Place: A game of sound and architecture’
Paper presentation with Diogo Alvim
MUSICA NOVA – Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Brno

/  ‘Campo Próximo, Escola das Gaivotas’ with Diogo Alvim
Old School #38, 17 Oct 2015 22H
Old School, Escola das Gaivotas, Lisbon

/ ‘JamJar Series’ curated by Una Monaghan and Gascia Ouzouniam
Gaze is Ghost and Matilde Meireles
27th, Black Box, Belfast
More info at Moving on Music

/ ‘Invisible Baby Orchestra’
Outdoor interactive soundscape installation
With Paul Stapleton and Craig Jackson
27, 9am – 5pm, Soundscape Park
More info

/ Slieve Gullion (bunú)
60 minutes surround-sound experience
part of Lúnasa Festival
15th August, 6pm, Ti Chulainn

/ Slieve Gullion: a sound archive (bunú)
part of Lúnasa Festival
31 July – 16 August
at Slieve Gullion Courtyard

/ BOAR / bunú / Clutterbuck & McEvoy
25 July, from 7.30pm
Lawrence Street Workshops, Belfast
More info

/ ‘Correspondence – Transition #2’ (bunú)
Sound & The Urban Environment, 28 May – 3 June
Brighton University

/ ‘Trigger place: A game of sound and architecture’
Paper presentation with Diogo Alvim
at Recomposing the City’s Postgraduate Student Symposium
18 May, The Graduate School, Queen’s University Belfast

/ ‘Trigger place: A game of sound and architecture’
Paper presentation with Diogo Alvim
30 April – 2 May, BEAST FEaST 2015, Birmingham

/ ‘On or under the surface of land’ (bunú)
Sonorities Festival 2015 – ‘Fractured Narratives’
at ‘Unrehearsed – An Eveningful of Sound’
24th April, Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

/ Urban Sound Workshop
Workshop let by Conor McCafferty and Matilde Meireles – sound explored as a key part of the city’s atmosphere, introduction to field-recording and sound mapping
19th March, PLACE, Londonderry / Derry, NI

‘Correspondence- Transition #2’ (bunú)
Sound Documents Curated by Pedro Rebelo
Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast

/ City Saturdays: Urban Sound Workshop
Workshop let by Conor McCafferty and Matilde Meireles – sound explored as a key part of the city’s atmosphere, introduction to field-recording and sound mapping.
PLACE, Belfast

‘PLAY’ (Diogo Alvim and Matilde Meireles)
Belfast Festival
24th and 25th October , Physical Education Centre, Queen’s University Belfast

/ ‘Som da Maré – um projecto participativo de arte sonora’ Project presentation
Sounds Alive, Dublin, Ireland

/ ‘Correspondence’ (bunú)
Released by Sonic Terrain
Free download here

/ ‘Extended Phonography: the Intertwining of Soundscape and Landscape’
Paper presentation at Invisible Places Sounding Cities, Viseu, Portugal

/ ‘Lough Foyle’ broadcasted on Framework Radio
Also available as a podcast – listen to the full edition here

/ ‘X Marks the Spot’
‘X Marks the Spot’ features in The Acoustic City – book chapter by Recomposing the City
Book edited by Matthew Gandy and BJ Nilsen and published by Jovis.
More informations here and here

/ ‘Som da Maré: um projecto participativo de arte sonora’
Exhibition  at Museu da Maré, Maré, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
20th May – 20th June
(Santander Mobility Scholarship)

/ ‘Lagan:Behind’ (bunú)
Released on the 12th by Sonic Terrain

/ ’48Hz’ 
Off-Site’ presents… ’48Hz’ by Miguel Negrão
at Platform Arts, Belfast
28th-30th March
from 11am-7pm

/ ‘Call for Work’ (from ‘Sounds of the City)
Festival Multiplicidade 2013, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Parque Lage – 6th, 7th and 8th

/ ‘Lough Foyle(bunú)
A commission by Resonance fm
Broadcasted on Resonance fm at Void as part of Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013

/ ‘Lagan:Behind’ (bunú)
Symposium on Acoustic Ecology
University of Kent, UK

/ ‘Lagan:Behind’ (bunú)
Broadcasted on Resonance fm at Void as part of Derry-Londonderry City of Culture 2013

/ ‘Lagan:Behind (Transition# 1)’ (bunú)
Released on ‘VA | Green Field Recordings | World Listening Day 2013
Green Field Recordings

/ ‘Transitions’ (Pedro Rebelo, Matilde Meireles)
Belfast Culture Night
20th September, Edwards and Co stairs space, Belfast, Northern Ireland

/ ‘Lagan:Behind (Transition #1)’ (bunú)
‘Listen To Your Place!’, sound art exhibition by the Sonic Arts Research Centre, touring in Northern Ireland from Sept 2013 – Jan 2014:
– Mid-Antrim Museum, The Braid, Ballymena
– The Burnavon Arts & Cultural Centre, Cookstown
– Flowerfield Arts Centre, Portstewart
– Strule Arts Centre, Omagh

/ ‘Lagan: Behind’ (bunú)
Household Festival 2013
23rd – 25th, 138 Sunnyside Street, Belfast, Northern Ireland

/  ‘Chasing ∞’ (Matilde Meireles, Rui Chaves)
Music, Digitalization, Mediation: Towards Interdisciplinary Music Studies
Modern Art Oxford, Oxford, England

/ Research Residency
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Research supervised by Samuel Araújo and Rodrigo Cicchelli Velloso
Funded by Santander Mobility Scholarship

/ Soundmapping workshop at Place
Belfast Sound Map Presentation
10th – Place, Belfast, Northern Ireland

/ ‘Chasing ∞’ (Matilde Meireles, Rui Chaves)
Sonorities 2013 – ‘Beyond Soundscape’
Lecture Theatre, Ulster Museum, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 27/28th April

/ ‘ 28˚ ‘ by Foirm Fada
Sonorities 2013 – ‘Beyond Soundscape’
26th April, Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland

/ EARS at ‘Under Construction” in Catalyst Arts
Development of the workshops BUILD | CODE | IMPROVISE | PERFORM
as part of the Sonorities Festival fringe
at Catalyst Arts, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Throughout April

/ ‘Sound of the City – Belfast’
Espaço Cultural Ecco, Brasília, Brazil

/ ‘Chasing ∞’ (Matilde Meireles, Rui Chaves)
Released by Green Field Recordings, Portugal
Check out more here and here!

/ ‘Sounds of the City’ (Pedro Rebelo, Rui Chaves, Matilde Meireles, Aonghus McEvoy)
Metropolitan Art Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland